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Young designers delve into the complexity of our emotions, precisely the idea of losing oneself. That’s why leather leg-warmers with gloves and larger-than-necessary frills are very popular among sensitive Slavic souls. Some latest collections explore everything kitsch – pearls, lace, and ruffles and create opulent and exaggerated silhouettes. The color palette is closer to neutral shades.
The most promising designers of this generation create “rags” that are provocative and fluctuate between the socially acceptable and a total outcry. Such clothing is associated with urban culture but is inspired by local folklore. New talents like to use unconventional materials such as recycled clothes bought in the second-hand shops or even plastic bags.
A fusion of high-fashion and streetwear shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The colorful garments that combine Slavic style and Asian motives create unusual patterns that attract customers.

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